Five Enjoyable Games to Play with your Dog

dog_gamesDogs are social creatures and they are very playful by nature. Playing enjoyable games with your dog helps both of you to create a strong bond while learning to communicate and work with one another. It is important to engage fun activities with your dog to train him to follow your commands but making it enjoyable at the same time.


This game is extremely simple. Your dog chases you as you run. To get your dog’s attention, clap or make a smooch sound and then try running away from him. When he’s a few feet from you, turn and offer him a treat, toy, or you can begin another chase. Stopping before he tries to reach you will prevent the chase game from turning into something like the “nip the human on the back of the leg” game. Always remember not to play the “chase the dog” game as it will teach him to run away as you try to approach him.

 On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

By combining a little trick work as well as self-control practice while running, this game really works. As you begin saying “On your mark,” do a play bow to the cue “Get set” then you start running as you say “Go”.


Fartlek are used by runners for training to boost their speed. The word fartlek means “speed play” and it refers to the practice of interspersing shorter bursts of speed within a training run in Swedish. To play with your dog using this style, rush forward and run a few paces. It could be as far as several houses or down a few blocks. Doing so, your dog will follow your lead happily.

 Hard to Get

This is a short keep-away game that could begin a play station. To get your dog’s attention, you can bounce, wave, or squeak a toy around as you run past him. Make sure not to tease your dog by playing too long. The excitement by playing hard to get could start off another enjoyable game but doing in for too long without giving your dog the access to the toy could result in frustration or anger in dogs than playfulness.

 Crazy Owner

People who are impulsive with regard to their movements are quite enticing to dogs. You can utilize the “crazy owner” game in order to get your dog’s attention. You could hold a bunch of yummy treats to lure him to your side and begin moving away from him but change your speed and direction frequently so he won’t know what you are going to do next. For instance, you could run five steps and turn then jog slowly for ten and then do a little reverse and sprint in the opposite direction. Make sure to praise him and offer him treats each time he’s right by your side and continue acting like a crazy person to keep his attention.

A lot of people love to play with dogs. But others still want to play with their dogs often but think that their pets aren’t that playful and that they only want to play with other dogs. Some dogs are playful naturally. Some are toy-motivated compared to others. As long as the games are based on running and chasing, your dog will surely love playing with you.


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