DIY Dog Grooming

DIY dog groomingGrooming your pet can be the best way not only to save money but also to bond with your companion friend. Going to a professional groomer can cost $50 to $60 each session. Most dog owners are also busy and regular trips to the groomer may be inconvenient and time-consuming.

A lot of pet suppliers have excellent home grooming tips. They are easier than you think and it strengthens the bond by cleaning your own pet. Grooming your pet yourself will also help you spot any potential health issues such as flea invasion before they start to get serious.

Be Comfortable

Handling your pets may need a lot of patience. Most people though they love animals aren’t cut out to be groomers. Therefore, there is a knack for the job. Some dog owners come naturally with regard to grooming their pets while others don’t. Therefore, it’s a process. An important tip here is to find a good online course or take a grooming class.


Your dog’s nails needs to be trimmed regularly. This applies best to dogs more than cats though their nails could be trimmed also. An important shortcut to shorter and healthier nails is to let your dog walk regularly on cement to help naturally wear down the nails. If the nails aren’t trimmed regularly, the vein grows longer within the dead area of the nail. Therefore, when the nails are cut, they are likely to bleed. It is also important to always use sharp nail clippers.


Another important part of grooming is cleaning your pet’s ears. This is an easy thing to do. Use alcohol on a cotton ball to keep your pet’s ears clean. Never use a cotton swab or go down deeper where you can’t see as this could harm the ear drum. The importance of ear care is that it will help you look at your pet’s ear condition. You can also find special products that can be used for cleaning the ears. Also be on the lookout for foxtail when cleaning your dog’s ears. If your dog’s ear is red, smells, or is oozing, it may be a sign of an infection or possibly a foxtail. Foxtails could be dangerous as they work their way deeper into the skin into the soft tissues and organs. This could potentially kill your pet. Foxtails could also be stuck in the pads of the feet and also between the toes. Seeing your pet biting at its feet is one sign that your dog may have foxtail.


A bath may be the most common and also the most important part of all grooming practices. How many times are you going to bathe your pet? At least once a month is fine for most dogs. You could schedule it so that you bath them at the same time that you are due to put the flea protectant. Prepare to wash your dog ahead of time and place non-slip mats. Use the shower head as well instead of the faucet. A handheld shower head is excellent. It is also important to use the right shampoo.

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