My Dog is Always Running: How to Calm Hyperactive Dogs

All dogs aren’t created equal. Some dogs are created more hyper than other dogs. If you have very energetic dogs, perhaps you too also have your fair share of hyper dog challenges. Having a hyper dog is a canine problem that seems to have many possible causes as well as solutions. Many of these hyper dog problems may stem from boredom and lack of stimulation. To address the problem you should asses the way you are interacting with your companion friend and also the kind of activities that you give him every day.

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How Long Are Dogs Pregnant

To understand all dog pregnancy better, it is important that you need to obtain a general knowledge about how her body works. Before your dog is able to get pregnant, she will experience a heat cycle first. Veterinarians recommend that you should not breed your dog during the first heat period unless it occurs after the dog is one year old. If you breed her earlier, it would cause stunting growth. Most dogs go into heat twice a year however it is common to skip one on occasion. While in heat, your dog will be able to breed with more than one male. She will be in heat for about three weeks with her cycle arriving every six to nine months.
What are the signs to recognize when a dog goes into heat? The first signs that you will recognize is a blood discharge and a swollen vulva but during this phase of her heat cycle, eggs are not released yet. It is during this time as well that male dogs will be drawn to her chemically. At the beginning, the young female dog won’t show an interest in them until the 6-11 stage is about to end.
During the second stage of heat, the female dog is now fertile and her posture will change to a stance that invites procreation. Bleeding will also change from lighter pink to a golden color. At this time, vulva may remain swollen but softer than before. For this stage, the common duration is about five to nine days however it has been known to still go only for about 20 days for different dogs. It is also during this stage that inviting male attention will stop.
Pregnant Dog Symptoms and Signs
To determine whether your dog is already pregnant, there are early …

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How to Help Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you come home after a long and tiring day at work only to find out that your dog has chewed on your pair of slippers? Your dear neighbor also comes by to inform you that your dog has been howling and barking while you’re not at home, driving the entire neighborhood crazy. If you are familiar with this scenario, then your dog may have separation anxiety.
Separation anxiety in dogs occurs when they become stressed each time they are left alone. A dog that has separation anxiety chews or scratches door and window sills, barks endlessly, and whines. Generally, the dog gets stressed out. Whether you’re gone for five minutes or five hours, it doesn’t matter. Your dog stresses the moment you leave the house.

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Buying A Dog: Which Breed Should I Choose?

The decision to buy a dog is a big one. Unlike relatively low maintenance pets like hamsters and goldfish, dogs require a great deal of attention and care. It’s no coincidence that many potential parents often choose to get a dog early in their relationship to prepare themselves for the nurturing that a baby requires. While a dog can’t be compared to a child in terms of how much responsibility they entail, a family that takes the decision lightly is bound to be in for a surprise. Part of choosing the right dog is deciding which breed you want. If you think choosing a dog breed is as easy as looking at some representative photographs, you may want to invest some more time into your decision. Here are some of the factors that you should take into account.

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