My Dog is Always Running: How to Calm Hyperactive Dogs

dogrunAll dogs aren’t created equal. Some dogs are created more hyper than other dogs. If you have very energetic dogs, perhaps you too also have your fair share of hyper dog challenges. Having a hyper dog is a canine problem that seems to have many possible causes as well as solutions. Many of these hyper dog problems may stem from boredom and lack of stimulation. To address the problem you should asses the way you are interacting with your companion friend and also the kind of activities that you give him every day.

Consider these important lessons on how to calm a hyper puppy or a hyper dog.


Dog Tip #1:

Calm energy is the best medicine for a hyper dog.

One of the crucial things to take note if you have a hyper dog is to always try to remain calm. If ever you lose temper, get irritated, or become very angry, your dog will pick up on that negative energy and therefore become even more hyper. So if your dog becomes very much excited, do your best to stay calm and project that to him.


Dog Tip #2:

Use interactive food toys.

A good way to stimulate your dog’s mental health is using interactive food toys. There are a lot of interactive food toys that are available on the market nowadays. Your dog will surely have a fun time licking and chewing at it. These toys also keep his mind occupied. You can also try out new ways to make your dog work for his food. Like for instance, you can put his food on a paper, bunch it up into a ball. Then, push the paper ball like a roller toy. He will surely enjoy figuring out his new food puzzle. If you are using interactive food toys and your dog is working on them, it is important to always supervise him and make sure he doesn’t swallow any fabric, rubber, or pieces of paper.


Dog Tip #3:

Make sure to play games with your dog or provide activities so as to not make him bored. Example of games that you can play with your dog includes catch, fetch, soccer, tug-of-war, and many others.


Dog Tip #4:

Make sure to do obedience training with your dog every day.

Enroll your dog in a dog obedience training class or you can get a positive reinforcement dog training book. There are a lot of free e-books online. You can take advantage of these tools. Spend at least 10 to 15 minutes training each day with your dog. You can do this several times each day. This will establish you as a pack leader while strengthening your bond with him. It will also help stimulate your dog’s mind and provide you with efficient tools to control him inside your home.


Dog Tip #5:

Walk with your dog or go on a hiking trip.

A walk in the neighborhood is a great way to exercise not only for your dog but also for you. It is also the best way to socialize your dog. Walking can also help with obedience training and also tightens your bond. You can walk your dog either on a loose leash or in a heel position. I personally put my dog on a loose leash every time we go for a walk and only put him in a heel position when there’s a need for greater control like for example when there are young children; there is another dog or cat; and when he starts to become reactive.

Hiking on nature trails can also be a fun experience. However, it is important to take note that different parks or different trails within the park may have different rules (on-leash or off-leash). It is best to try out various parks and park trails before finding one that suits you and your dog. Hiking can be a fun and relaxing way to socialize your dog to people and other dogs. In hiking parks, you will also notice that owners are more engaged with their dogs and are able to control them better. Hiking trails is also an interesting place for dogs to explore.


Dog Tip #6:

Arrange play sessions with other dogs.

One of the best ways to burn off your dog’s extra energy is to organize play sessions with another dog. Other ways to interact with other dogs is to place him in dog daycare centers or in enclosed dog parks. Daycare centers usually have a lot of social dogs. And also, dogs in daycare centers are well-supervised.


Dog Tips #7:

Try Aromatherapy!

Maybe you have forgotten that dogs experience the world mainly by scent. Just like the smell of lavender is very soothing and relaxing for humans, a soothing smell can also have a calming effect on your dog. You can talk with your vet or visit a holistic professional to figure out what smells may be effective for your dog and also which dispersal methods are considered safe for him.

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